With the revolution of the real estate industry in Bangalore in the last couple of decades, a lot of areas which had not been developed gained a lot of prominence and suddenly became amongst the hottest pieces of land on offer. The advantage with these previously undeveloped pieces of land was that it could be built from scratch and hence would be of extreme benefit as time was not a luxury that either buyers or developers had to get things moving.

Given the massive rise in demand for residential accommodations due to the jobs created, builders and developers in Bangalore had to quickly start coming up with the adequate number of units required to fulfil the rise in demand caused by an influx in the number of people who called Bangalore their home now. Since they were working on land not used previously, there were a lot of things they could do without hindrances of any sorts.

At the same time, they also came out with a wider variety of living options for people to choose from as customers were now looking at places to stay which were different from the traditional residential buildings that everyone was used to. Now, things which were earlier considered niche were being presented to the masses and ‘luxury’ properties had suddenly become ‘ultra-luxury’ properties with an innumerable number of state-of-the-art frills for prospective home owners.

Many areas gained a lot of prominence as a result of all this infrastructural development and one of the more popular areas today as a result of this expansion is Yelahanka—an area which was supposed to be turned into a satellite township at a point of time. Yelahanka in itself has a fair amount of history attached to it. It is one of the oldest townships in the entire state of Karnataka and was once thought to be a part of the Vijayanagara Empire. The founder of Bangalore, Kempe Gowda I, is also believed to have been born in Yelahanka.

This place has grown into one of the most secure and self-sustaining neighbourhoods in the whole of Bangalore and is divided into Old Yelahanka and New Yelahanka. There are quite a few places to eat, drink and make merry apart from other necessary things like hospitals and educational institutes in close proximity to give this locality a thumbs up in terms of living conditions. There is a good transportation and public infrastructure in place and it also provides good connectivity to other parts of the city.

But the main aspect which is the winner for this area is that it has more favourable weather conditions as compared to other areas in Bangalore because of its higher altitude. This is probably the clinching factor and the reason why builders and developers chose this area to build luxury villas in north Bangalore apart from other types of residential accommodations as well. People looking for villas will find a nice concentration of villas for sale in north Bangalore located here.

There are many villas in Yelahanka and there are a wide range of options to choose from for prospective buyers. Given the fact that villas are no more a niche segment with sky-high prices, people will be surprised at some of the rates at which these villas sell for and what they are offering in return. Some of the amenities that come with these villas are things which at a point of time would not have been thought to be a part of everyday life at home.

Yelahanka is also very close to the airport and it barely takes any time to reach there. This gives one more major reason for people to look for villas here. Not only will the new home owners be able to get their hands on one of the villas near Bangalore airport, they will also be able to choose from amongst the best villas in north Bangalore for sale.

Whether one is looking for residential apartments or villas in north Bangalore, this is one of the best places to reside in the northern part of the city simply based on the fact that there is always something for everyone here. Prices in the area have appreciated to a good amount based on the amount of development that this place has seen and is expected to rise further based on all the proposed developments for the future.


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