11 Best Ways to Maintain SUV


Car enthusiasts love SUV. It is their dream to own and drive one. Also considered as the king of urban streets, it makes the owner proud in every sense. These cars are very durable. However, it is important that you take good care of it.

Listed below are some tips to keep an SUV in good shape:

  1. Consider Budgeting

Since SUVs are not economy models, the repairs may cost huge. So set aside some cash to handle emergencies that may emerge from time to time. Also establish a maintenance agreement with a reputed auto service center. This will keep your SUV and pocket happy!

  1. Choose a Reputed Auto Repair Center

This is one of the most important steps towards maintaining an SUV. Choose a reputed one and let it help you maintain your car. The center will keep a clear record of all maintenance. Hence, you don’t need to spend money unnecessarily on something that has already been undertaken recently. Make sure the service center is experienced in servicing SUVs and enjoys a good standing in the market.

  1. Maintenance Schedule

Spending a little amount of time and money on SUV maintenance will let you save a lot of money on expensive repairs. Prevention is better than cure. So if you are able to catch issues right in the beginning, you can save a significant amount of cash. Get your SUV checked on a regular basis at a good auto service center. This will let you keep everything working in top condition.

  1. Read Warranty

Warranties are offered by car dealers and manufacturers. This helps owner to save significant amount of money on repair and maintenance of SUV. So make sure you go through the warranty document very carefully. In case, you use aftermarket parts and the warranty accepts OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, you may not be able to claim the discount.

  1. Keep Tabs on Fluids

Checking on fluids is very important all year round. Right from the coolant to the oil and windshield washer fluid, you need to check all types of fluids used in the car periodically.

  1. Maintain Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure will cost you a lot in terms of lower gas mileage. SUV tends to burn up a lot of gasoline. Hence, maintaining decent gas mileage is crucial. This is the best one by maintaining tire pressure. For better maintenance of your SUV, get latest car news & reviews in Hindi online and know about various ways you can keep your car happy

7. Listen to your SUV

Try and listen to what your beloved car is trying to tell you. Cars send a message about issues under the hood. They also give warning signs prior to the flashing of engine light. A high pitched whimper or problem with steering while stopping the car should be taken seriously and inspected without wasting time.

  1. Conditions of Road

Keep tabs on the conditions of the road. Although SUV is tough car to beat, it should not be considered invincible. Take special care while driving on wet or icy roads. Drive defensively will help.

  1. The Fuel

An SUV drinks down the gasoline, no question about it. You can easily prevent condensation of precious fuel by keeping your gas tank at least half full.

  1. Drive Smart

An SUV comes attached with certain limitations to it. Hair pin turns need to be maneuvered similar to an ordinary car. Avoid rabbit starts. Accelerate with ease. Do not speed or overtake other cars on the road.

  1. Know your SUV Well

If you wish to maintain your SUV, try to educate yourself about it. Knowing when exactly some specific parts of the car such as the brakes start fading will let you plan the expenses ahead of time. Use of oil should be taken into consideration. The oil type impacts overall performance and mileage of vehicle. Always keep the Owner’s Manual with you. It will let you know when the car needs servicing. You will also get recommendations for improvements from time to time. This lets you to extract maximum value out of your investment.


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