Guide for Sending the Right Flowers at the Right Time

Guide for Sending the Right Flowers at the Right Time

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at but they also do the job of conveying emotions with perfection which has made them a gifting staple. Each flower can convey a different emotion which can often lead to confusion. So here is our guide to help you get the right flower for the right occasion.

  1. For Conveying Love

This is almost a no brainer for anybody. Red roses have been a statement of love and romance for ages now. You can send a bouquet of red flowers to your sweetheart as a surprise on any day but especially on Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary. If a simple bouquet does not cut it for you for the special occasion then you can invest in an exquisite heart shape floral arrange that will definitely win your lover’s heart in a jiffy. Do not forget to leave a little message for them with the bouquet to make it even more special.

  1. For Brightening Up someone’s day

If someone dear to you is going through a stressful time in life, whether be it for work pressure, a broken relationship, for losing a close one then there is one sure shot way to brighten up their day and that is, a bunch of beautiful flowers. Choose them in bright colours like yellow, pink or orange which are believed to be great mood enhancers. Gerberas and lilies are perfect flowers for this as they not only come in bright beautiful colours but also last for a significantly long time.

  1. For wishing “Get Well Soon”

A bunch of sweet scented flowers along with a lovely note will definitely help your dear one feel better. Since pink is a colour of good health you can choose to send a bouquet made out of pretty pink flowers to wish them a speedy recovery. With online flower shop in Jaipur, you can have the bouquets delivered to them even at their hospital which will be a nice surprise for them. You can go for gerberas, lilies or roses for this or get a bouquet which is made out of a combination of these flowers

  1. For birthdays

Go the unconventional route for the birthdays of your loved ones and instead of sending them a classic bouquet, send them a flower arrangement in the shape of the age they are turning into. It is quite a fresh idea and will make them feel very special. Try to choose a flower in their favourite colour to make it even more special for the birthday girl or boy.

  1. For Funerals

Flowers are so versatile that they can convey grief and sympathy as effectively as they convey happiness. Choose a bouquet made out of white carnations or gerberas which as your token of remembrance of the deceased. You can also get a beautiful basket arrangement made out of white roses and carnations instead of a bouquet for the funeral. Avoid getting any bright colours for a funeral at every cost.


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