Not too long ago, the city of Bangalore was viewed as one which was dormant or in some state of slumber. But much like when a dormant volcano explodes, so did this city when it was embraced by the IT wave which without any doubt transformed this city for the rest of its life. The real estate sector was the one which came most to life and was finally able to fulfill all the potential which was lying as waste- literally in some cases.

With so much of modification around, there was bound to be a change in the way builders and developers in Bangalore would now be constructing their properties. With so much to choose from and a wider target audience in terms of purchasing power, there was now an opportunity to provide a variety of residential options as compared to the traditional buildings.

Villas gained a lot of prominence during this period and the north of Bangalore saw a great many number of villas come up as a result of this. Prospective buyers have a huge assortment of villas in north bangalore to choose from. One of the areas which shot to fame for villas and real estate in general is Hebbal- one of the now better-known localities in north Bangalore which gained a lot out of this real estate elevation.

Hebbal is considered amongst the better places to reside in the northern part of this city because of the fact that not only does it have good social infrastructure and connectivity with vital places like the Outer Ring Road, it also provides a great many types of residential options for people of all price brackets and tastes to choose from. The fact that this place gained in popularity can be brought down to the fact that most of the reputed builders and developers in Bangalore have all developed projects here and continue to do so as the living conditions more or less guarantee that people will not be left wanting for anything.

One problem faced by the residents of this place was the amount of traffic that they faced on a regular basis on the Hebbal flyover during their commute. That should disappear to a huge extent due to the fact that the Hebbal junction is all set to get a massive facelift with the construction of a flyover which will run parallel to the older one. This new 1.25 km flyover is expected to take over a load of the traffic which will be coming from the Kempegowda International Airport and moving towards the Mekhri Circle. This should be good news not just for the current residents of Hebbal but also for anyone looking to buy or rent a home in Hebbal.

One of the key factors about this neighbourhood is that it is in close proximity to the airport. This has been one of the favourable factors which has led to the growth of real estate here. There are a number of schools, colleges, restaurants, residential apartments and some of the choicest luxury villas in north Bangalore.

While the number of villas in Bangalore north have seen a rise in its numbers in the last couple of years, Hebbal in particular can lay a claim to some of the cream of the crop. Quite a few of the luxury villas in north Bangalore call Hebbal their home and these villas can also be considered amongst the closest villas near Bangalore airport. These villas in Hebbal take the meaning of luxury to a different level with state-of-art amenities and electronic appliances and luxury jacuzzi baths and what not. Truly a standard of living which most have never experienced before.  Apart from that, there are also a number of other options as well for people who are not interested in the premium bracket.

In a nutshell, Hebbal is extremely well suited for residential living thanks to the high level of social infrastructure and development that it has experienced in the past couple of years and is still experiencing. With the construction of the proposed flyover, one of the cons of this locality could turn into a positive for it. Anyone looking to buy villas in Hebbal should act now since prices should rise in the near future due to improved connectivity from the new flyover.


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