Salwar Suits: What can suit you and What Not?


India is a land of diversity whether language, cuisines or clothing; you would find a huge variety. The best thing is that there are plenty of options in everything you want. If you love to wear clothes then you can find huge variety in different types of outfits. In India, women love to wear salwar suit. Of course you might be having different types of suits in your wardrobe too right?

A few types of salwar suits to add in your Collection

There are many types of options and once you check them out, you can pick the Best salwar suit for your wardrobe. If you want to explore the different options then you can have a look below. These suits are different in their looks, fabrics, designing and almost in everything.

Common Salwar Suits

A surreptitious staple for Indian women for times immemorial   is common salwar suit. Women have literally grown up with these definitive designs. It is a type of suit that works approximately for all the is really hard to go wrong with this one. However, it would be better if the ladies having a complete figure go with a comfort fit, whereas slim women can exhibit their curves in body taking on versions of it. The short women should avoid the lose salwar because they make them look even shorter.

Anarkali suits

One of the most picked of all, anarkalis work for almost all body kinds.  If you have an athletic and thin body, you can go for this type of suit. It would be better if you avoid floor-length anarkalis because these types of suits might make you look even smaller. But if you are having a full figure, it is better to stay away from deeply embellished bodices and the inflexible fabrics. It would be wonderful if you pick dark shades, flowy fabrics that have wide flares to disguise those extra inches.

Palazzo suits

Have you ever heard about palazzo suits or sharara style suits? These are the types of suits that can add freshness in your clothing collection.  If you are tired of typical salwar suit design then it is like a breath of fresh air for you. If you have a short height then you may consider staying away from this type of suit. Of course the decoy of this suit is much but unfortunately it might not be the apt option for you. The straight line kurti that has straight line pants look wonderful on females who are tall and have broad shoulders.  These suits are wonderful because they balance out your frame.  It is sad that for women on the other side, this palazzo suit turns out to add volume to their lower half of body and it makes them look even shorter.

Thus, since you just walked through a few of the options you have in suits, you would surely find out the best salwar suit for your wardrobe. While you look for the suits, make sure that you have checked the fabric too.


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